Galaxy S9 Plus 保護殼 Rugged Armor 593CS22921

Galaxy S9 Plus 保護殼 Rugged Armor

Galaxy S9 Plus 保護貼 Neo Flex 593FL22902

Galaxy S9 Plus 保護貼 Neo Flex

Galaxy S9 保護貼 Neo Flex

正常價格 HKD$194.67 特價 HKD$132.35
Introducing a new generation of screen protection made to support the curved nature of the Galaxy S9 infinity screen. The flexible nature of the Neo Flex adapts to every curve of the screen with self-healing capabilities when dented from impact. The protector applies wet to ensure zero rainbow effect and bubbles. Let Neo Flex take the hit, not your phone.
  • Flexible and self-healing TPU layer that takes every hit
  • Stays bubble and rainbow-free clarity
  • Surface stays self-healing and fingerprint-resistant
  • Ensures edge-to-edge protection that is precise once it is on
  • Wet installation results in a strong adhesion with zero lifting
SKU 592FL22815
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