Shipping policy

運費Shipping Cost:


30 HKD for 1 item, 2 items or more (including 2 items) are free

物流政策Shipping Policy:

A. 正常情況,商品有貨的情況下,包裹會在48小時內發出!

特別說明:港澳台地區只發順豐速運(SF Express), 當你收到包裹已寄出的郵件/短信時,說明該包裹已經打包完畢,正等待順豐小哥上門收件,所以你暫時在順豐官網查不到跟踪信息,請耐心等待,當天顯示已經寄出的包裹,一般晚上9點鐘之前一定會有跟踪信息。

B. 如遇產品缺貨,我們會第一時間通過郵件或者短信聯繫買家溝通:

  • 如果買家願意更換其他顏色或者款式,我們將於當天寄出包裹;
  • 如果買家願意等待商品到貨,我們將告知大概的到貨日期,並於到貨當日寄出包裹;
  • 買家可以選擇退款(缺貨產品退款,或者全部訂單退款)
  • 其他特殊情況,按雙方的溝通記錄為準


A. Normally we will send out the parcel within 48 hours!

Special note: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan only send SF Express. When you receive the mail/text message that the package has been sent, it means that the package has been packaged and you are waiting for SF Express to pick it up, so you would find the tracking information cannot be found on the official website at the same time, please wait patiently. Generally, there will be tracking information will be updated before 9 o'clock in the evening.

Tracking Website for SF Express:

B. If the product is out of stock, we will contact the buyer via email or SMS as soon as possible:

  • If the buyer is willing to change other colors or styles, we will send the package on the same day;
  • If the buyer is willing to wait for the goods to arrive, we will inform the approximate date of arrival and send the package on the day of arrival;
  • Buyers can choose to refund (refund for out-of-stock products, or refund for all orders);
  • Other special circumstances, according to the communication records of the buyer and the seller